Magnus Products, LLC Magnus Granulated Iron

Our company, initiated in July of 2011, seeks to provide complete solutions for our clients that support continuous improvement in the areas of material cost, operating cost, and green manufacturing.


Specifically, we have focused on developing processes and products that allow for 100% recycling of previously landfilled, or stockpiled, small-particle iron, steel, and slag materials.  Over 10 million tons of stockpiled products have been identified in North America and more is produced every day as a normal course of both steelmaking and recycling processes.  Considerably more tonnage has been identified, and is available, across the globe.


Through proprietary methods, we isolate usable iron units while developing unique construction product applications for the non-metallic components of the material stream.


The iron units, sold as Magnus Granulated Iron, serve as low-cost melting stock for foundry operations and steelmakers.